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What we do General comments
About facilitators About facilitators
Formación Vivencial Experiential training
Equipos cohesionados Teambuilding
Desenvolvimento Pessoal Self development
Facilitación Gráfica Graphic facilitation
Our clients say...
About facilitators:
  • Excellent facilitators. You have the ability to draw out the best in each person and through every detail.
  • I'm impressed by the trainer's ability to communicate and teach beyond the mere intellect.
  • You are real relationship alchemists.
  • The Altoren facilitators really knew how to capture our needs and demonstrated a surprising ability to adapt during the program.
  • Even if it sounds overdrawn, let me say it: you're the best personal and high performance coach I've ever come across in my long career.
  • I've never had such highly involved trainers, so open and who share so much of themselves.
  • It was extremely productive to have the same Consultant conducting the process from beginning to end, from the individual preparatory interviews until completion of the program.
  • Let me congratulate you for the uniquely experiential approach of the training and your ability and patience to handle our group of strong personalities.
  • You are masters at telling people the truth without ever hurting anyone.
  • Let me emphasize your professional approach to each event. The way you induced us to draw our own conclusions was most rewarding.
  • The Altoren facilitators really inspire me.
  • Thank you for these intense and magical moments you created.
  • I want to emphasize the facilitators emotional involvement. Their 100% participation in our experiences created the program's success.
  • How can a trainer free up so much energy in so many different people? How can he flow with the rapidly changing dynamics and always maintain such a positive focus?
  • I'm surprised how professional, dedicated and enthusiastic the facilitators are.
  • This is true facilitation! You did an excellent job at integrating everyone in the experience and triggering each person's strength with just the right words.
  • Let me highlight Armin's professionalism and easy to turn a difficult situation into an uplifting learning opportunity.
  • We thank the consultant team for its confidence and wisdom to awaken something forgotten in each of us.