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What we do General comments
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Formación Vivencial Experiential training
Equipos cohesionados Teambuilding
Desenvolvimento Pessoal Self development
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Our clients say...
General comments:
  • The program exceeded all our expectations, sparked off an unprecedented wave of enthusiasm and openness and lay the foundation to create our Strategic Vision.
  • The repercussion of your performance is the most profitable I've experienced in 20 years heading the Human Resource department.
  • We achieved an extraordinary level of communication and personal interconnection which we turned into concise practical decisions.
  • I discovered that we can change the Culture of our Organization and how to go about it.
  • Thanks to your preparation we raised our self-confidence and gained in pleasure for the project ahead.
  • Many companies talk about the importance of People, but how many really demonstrate it?
  • No doubt it was the best training I've ever experienced. The learnings are a lesson for life.
  • A break to improve the relationship with my colleagues + some important discoveries about myself, with personal and professional application.
  • In only 3 days we gained a whole year: that's the time we would normally have needed to fine-tune the team at such a high level.
  • The day we presented our new strategic Vision, I realized how much the executive team had evolved.
  • The exponential improvement we achieved removed any doubts to embark on such an innovative method.
  • What I value most, is the spectacular growth of the management team in only 3 days.
  • In the name of the whole executive team, let me convey to you our complete satisfaction with the powerful results obtained.
  • Our level of feedback improved substantially. It's important for our organization, our meetings and the effectiveness of the team.
  • I realized what a perfectly well aligned team we are and that we can achieve whatever goal we set for ourselves.
  • For teambuilding you're simply the best!
  • The proof of our satisfaction resides in the continuity of our relationship with Altoren.
  • This type of activity should be done at least every two years in the company.
  • We have moved away from short-term patchwork and are now acting upon clear medium term objectives.