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Formación Vivencial Experiential training
Equipos cohesionados Teambuilding
Desenvolvimento Pessoal Self development
Facilitación Gráfica Graphic facilitation
Our clients say...
  • This is not a common HR training. Here we really worked in-depth on our team effectiveness.
  • We have built a motivated, efficient and winning team.
  • I wouldn't have thought that attitudes and behaviours can be changed. Whoever needs my support: I'm 100% available!
  • I learnt to value my colleagues. I was surprised how everyone was willing to support and collaborate with such dedication.
  • Successful team leadership needs to be rational. But it is equally important to integrate the emotional experiences.
  • Human values determine the team performance. It's crucial to work on them for our personal and professional growth.
  • It was very interesting to participate in a teambuilding that goes far beyond the "playing games" approach. Despite of my initial scepticism we achieved an amazing team chemistry.
  • I want to do this kind of work with the rest of my team.
  • The team commitment is essential, and if we believe in ourselves, we achieve whatever objective we set out for.
  • I particularly liked how the sceptics to this kind of activities got much more involved and with more enthusiasm than those who pretend to be open to everything.
  • I discovered the difference between working IN a team and working AS a team. The results we achieved are incredible!
  • I take with me the most profound appreciation of my colleagues' strengths, needs, abilities and personalities.
  • I was surprised by the level of openness, honesty and humility that remained in the group.
  • The team members can achieve anything they want - they just have to decide what their goals are.
  • I discovered the human qualities of my colleagues and opened up to a higher level of trust and security.