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Our clients say...
Self development:
  • Only through my own change can I promote change in others.
  • To see myself as a winner - I need to establish objectives and never give up.
  • So much... to reflect, to listen, to go deeper. Not that I wouldn't do it before the training, but now I do it from another perspective.
  • Know myself better, know that I have a useful role to play in the team, and above all, open up to people that were outside of my "comfort zone".
  • Put things into perspective, reclaim my self-esteem and gain clarity about my next steps.
  • I learnt to speak more directly about myself and what I expect, need or want from others. This has been an incredible change.
  • Look at things in a different way, move out of my routine and realize that I am able to take risks.
  • Where I look is where I go - the overwhelming power of a vision.
  • To trust myself and others.
  • I can now face challenges that before seemed impossible.
  • To review my belief system around honesty and the courage to express my truth.
  • I learnt to look inside and believe in what I see.
  • Anything negative can be dealt with in a positive way. Feedback is the basis for evolution.
  • This event allowed me to break down barriers and preconceptions that I had set up myself.
  • My contribution to the team only improves with my personal growth.
  • Listen and be listened. Be aware of the people around me. Speak for myself. Be honest.
  • To overcome fear is so rewarding!