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Holistic Approach Holistic Approach
Niveles de intervencion Levels of intervention
Formación Vivencial Experiential training
Facilitación Gráfica Graphic facilitation
Asesoría Models RR.HH. HR-model consulting
Coaching Coaching
Holistic Approach
Most people identify with deeper human values, but don't know how to experience them in daily work life. They often suffer from this gap between their beautiful inner values and the "hard reality".
Our approach builds bridges between manifested reality and the less tangible inner motivation. Addressing different levels of awareness simultaneously it strengthens inner coherence and produces lasting learnings.

Holistic Approach

Parts can only be worked on taking into account the whole.
Partial measures hardly produce anything.


Coherent procedure

To be effective, an intervention needs to fit in harmoniously with an existing transformation program or respect the following sequence:

Coherent procedure
Our tools for the holistic approach 7 Levels of Consciousness
Clear target for the holistic approach
Our methodology works simultaneously on tangible and intangible aspects towards a clearly stated goal.

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