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The Comfort Zone
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The Comfort Zone

It’s the underlying principle to any learning, change or transformation process.

The comfort zone (inner white area) contains everything I am used to thinking, feeling and doing. It holds all my experiences down to the present day: good things and bad things. It is my current level of competency.

Comfort Zone

If I want to learn or change something, I need to leave the known behind and step into the unknown. That is risky. What is out there? Am I prepared to handle the situation? I may fail or even get hurt... and that is why I’d rather stay at “home“, where things seem under control. And the more experience I have gathered, the better my reasons will be to remain in the already so vast comfort zone.

Learning means taking a risk. No risks mean no learning.

This principle applies to individuals and groups alike. Teams, Companies and even Countries have their comfort zone. It manifests in what is being said, what can’t be said, what people think, what no one has thought about, what is being done, the way we organise, express, lead, feel, etc...

Our comfort zone expands with each step we take outside of it. New behaviour, thoughts and feelings make it grow. In other words: we grow.

The key to change and evolution is our readiness to assume risks. Altoren’s strength is to create the appropriate framework for it.