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Live vision


It is hard to get to a place that has not been defined properly. Many people and organisations move by inertia, with a scattered focus, through reactive impulses or with short-sightedness. A clear focus moves mountains and yet few know how to determinedly project themselves into the future.

Some have a vision, but more often than not it has lost its strength, is outdated, not shared, hardly communicated or lived… like those strategic vision boards hanging at the office entrance in desperate quest of supporters. Visions work when they are alive.

Vision = picture of a desired future state
Alive = that inspires, sets in motion and evolves


- To align the forces of an organisation, a team or an individual. It acts as a magnet for the  vectors in place.

Live vision aligned

- To rally the enormous potential of the subconscious mind and gear it towards a desired outcome. A live vision produces surprising results because it unleashes resources the conscious mind is not aware of.

- To counter-balance the distractive and erosive effect of daily routine. A live vision makes handling of daily tasks easier by reminding us of the big picture.

- To enhance participgroupation, motivation and commitment.

Key points

1. Connected with our essence: the more it emanates from our deeper motivation (purpose, dream, mission, soul, values…), the stronger the vision will be. If it only reflects other people’s expectation, it will be weak. Its proper elaboration requires distance from daily business, in an appropriate setting that inspires and fosters group connection.

2. Integrated: the vision is a link within a chain and does not produce anything on its own. It inspires and sets people in motion only when supported by the adequate context. 

Live vision integrated

3. Participative: the power of a collective vision comes from people’s participation in its elaboration. The more the members of a team/organisation get involved, the more they identify with and commit to a vision. The level of participation that can reasonably be reached in an organisation depends on its size, culture, maturity, owners’ outlook,…

4. Well communicated: a proper vision elaboration does not guarantee its success. It needs to be present in daily life: visual supports, creative anchors, acting out during meetings, references in official communications,…
Graphic facilitation is an excellent tool to make it come alive.

5. Updated: the vision functions as a firm guiding beacon for projects and daily business, but it is not immovable. It should be revised yearly or even before, in case of drastic context evolution.  The update frequency is an act of balance between medium and long term focus.