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What moves us
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What moves us

We easily adapt to the culture of a country, an organisation or a team, as long as we share some basic values. That's why we like to know about our Clients' values and communicate ours.

All starts with the Individual

  • Personal awareness enhancement is the basis of collective evolution.
  • Each person is responsible for his/her own development: it can’t be forced upon anyone.
  • The essence of any human being is good: our task is to discover this point of convergence.
  • The power of authenticity: the most effective leadership is to express our true nature and thus inspire others.

The magic of Teams

  • Diversity is strength: the challenge of a group is not just to recognise and accept their differences, but to capitalise on the variety of personalities, talents, cultural backgrounds and feelings.
  • The magic of teams is of an emotional nature (vs. rational): the key is to connect with what makes us humane (vulnerability).
  • As a long term strategy we prefer participative leadership (And we know it’s not easy!).

The power of Focus

  • We believe in the enormous creative potential of people: it just needs a clear direction.
  • A clear vision unleashes incredible individual and collective resources.
  • Having fun is a requirement for good work

To materialise is important

  • A sustainable organisation expresses values.
  • Transformational efforts must produce tangible results: more quality, external and internal customer satisfaction, success, ecology, financial benefits,...

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